Number 5

number 5Most people in the Triple Cities know that the Number 5 has been the premiere restaurant of the Southern Tier for many, many years.

It’s the place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. It’s also the place where business people meet, companies entertain clients, businesses hold meetings, and deals are brought to a close. It’s the place to bring family, friends, clients, business partners and others when you want to make sure your experience will be fabulous.

But the history, the atmosphere and the feel of the Number 5 began with its inception as Fire Station Number 5 back in 1897 when the current building was completed. For 75 years the Engine Company Number 5 served the South Side of Binghamton. In the early years the rear portion of the building was expanded upon to house the horses used in pulling the fire wagons.

With the new onslaught of fire station construction in the early 70′s, Engine House Number 5 became surplus property and was auctioned off. An Ithaca developer bought the property and began the transformation from firehouse to restaurant. In 1978, Jim McCoy bought the property and developed it into the Number 5 Restaurant we have today.

Hardly a day passes without a former fireman or descendant of the same frequents the restaurant. In 1998, the property was declared a local and state landmark.

diningroomThe Dining Room

Our dining room; a small dining section downstairs and a the main section located on the second floor of our historic building, embodies an ere of sophistication and elegance.

The warmly lit rooms allow for a comfortable and soothing dining experience, with hints of the old firehouse throughout the decor.

A perfect fit for the diner who enjoys a quieter experience in a casually elegant setting.



Number_5mainThe Bar & Lounge

The Bar and Lounge area has an “Old World Pub” feel. Dark woods throughout add an aged comfort to the room, while allowing a relaxed atmosphere for casual get togethers.

Couple that with some of the best live music in the area on Friday and Saturday nights and you have a destination which appeals to all of your senses.