Welcome to Number 5 Restaurant

Thank you for visiting our website! We’re working diligently to create the most user friendly, informative and interesting website for our patrons and anyone who may be interested in the most historic and best fine dining restaurant in the Southern Tier. We hope you enjoy it, and would love to hear from you. Whether our site regards a compliment, or some constructive criticism, let us know by getting in touch.

The goal of our business at Number 5 is to please all of you, our customers. The simplest way to do this is to provide you with the finest food, service and atmosphere

possible. The way to insure that is to purchase the very best ingredients in the market, to hire and train the very best employees and to start each day with the attitude that yesterday is history and today we have to earn it all over again.

The entire staff of Number 5 is dedicated to that end. If you ever have any problem with any aspect of your meal at Number 5, yell, scream and stamp your feet or simply tell us and we will make it right. No one should ever leave the Number 5 dissatisfied.

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